Our Living Communities

Discover the true meaning of community amongst a world of unrivalled extravagance and perfection in every detail. Every one of Uptown Cairo’s living communities offers a fully-integrated living experience with a welcoming sentiment and community at its heart. Behind every gate a world of luxury and security awaits you, with family and community at its heart...

Community Centres

Every Uptown Cairo village boasts its designated and exclusive community centre that brings neighbours together and serves as an epitome of relaxation and convenience for village residents. The ultimate venue for afternoon and weekend family gatherings, each community centre includes indoor and outdoor lounges, a swimming pool, a kids’ play area and game rooms.

The Clubhouse

The seductively eloquent Golf Clubhouse leaves no room for imperfection, with a warmly polished interior that transcends into a lush golf landscape. Winner of the “Clubhouse of the Year” award from world-renowned Golf Inc. magazine, the luxurious Golf Clubhouse at Uptown Cairo is reminiscent of a Spanish palette of colours. The divine unity of rich earthy tones and green grass form a vision of perfection matched only by Cairo’s skyline in the horizon. The clubhouse is home to cafés, restaurants and bars that offer a mixture of indoor warmth and al fresco settings overlooking the golf course and dazzling city lights.

Community Management

The Community Management team ensures that the quality, timeliness and image of services exceed the expectations of every Uptowner. The team is responsible for setting up and supporting owners’ committees, liaises with local authorities and is also dedicated to enhancing the liveliness aspect of the community.


Uptown Cairo prides itself on the impeccable and reliable security measures it upholds to ensure the wellbeing of every resident and property. From high-tech security systems to agile guards stationed throughout the development and regular mobile patrols touring its premises, Uptown Cairo aims to promote a safe and sound living community.


Family is the core of community, and Uptown Cairo redefines family-friendly by ensuring little ones will grow up in a healthy environment that nurtures their wellbeing. The development includes an AIS campus and an abundance of sport courts. Community centres embrace kids play areas, designated kids pools and game rooms. The safe village streets are perfect grounds for afternoon bike rides, skateboarding and communal games.

Home Technology

Uptowners can now enjoy cutting-edge communication technology with Triple Play, a combined service that offers broadband Internet, telephone and cable TV on a single connection. This advanced fibre-optic technology takes the Emaar signature lifestyle to an entirely different level and will soon allow access to other everyday communication services.

Facility Management

The dedicated Facility Management team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all units and facilities. Working closely with the other teams, Facility Management carries out infrastructure requests and warrants the quality of every delivered unit.


The all-inclusive Uptown Cairo embraces a supermarket that is easily accessible by all communities and offers round-the-clock conveniences for homeowners. From household goods to fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen and canned food, dairy and meat products, homeowners need not travel far to fulfil their grocery needs.


Uptown Cairo draws a tranquil and luxurious lifestyle within a fully-integrated and serviced community in the heart of the city, redefining city living and presenting a new perspective of modus vivendi. No Uptowner is passed over, with luxuries and conveniences available to gratify every imaginable need within an environment of natural harmony.